Heat Transfer Vinyl is a thin colored vinyl layered with a slightly thicker adhesive poly layer. We use a combination of CAD software with a plotter machine to cut out your personalized graphic(s). Since the setup for heat transfer vinyl relies mostly on art, the fees entailed are minimal when compared to screen printing. This makes heat transfers optimal for short run, eclectic placement and variable data printing, i.e. jersey numbers. Once the vinyl has a graphic cut into it, we trim the material to a rough size and then weed out the negative pieces of the graphic, these are the pieces that you wouldn't want on the garment. Once the material is prepped and we have the garments, it's just a matter of applying the image to the garment with a heat press. Heat pressing an image sometimes requires special attachements in order to apply to particular areas. With the attachments we have, we can heat press images on hat fronts and hat bills, as well as images up to 15 square inches large. We've even heat pressed a van wheel cover.

What do we consider to be the best application for Heat Transfer Vinyl?

- Hats (avoid any seams)

- "Weather Proof" Garments

- Jersey Numbers


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