Screen Printing


Screen Printing  could easily be considered the roots to our shop. From the humble beginnings of a single station printing press, to our now 6 and 4 color stations, we strive to make sure our clients are happy with each hand made product that leaves our shop. We use a variety of plastisol ink colors and we've been known for creating blends of ink within a single image to save you money on initial setup costs. If a blend of color something you're interested in, be sure to use our Quote form or call us to let us know.

Our process begins with collecting art and apparel details, often times simultaniously. For the art, we'll need to know if you'd like us to take creative freedom, or if there's any reference material you'd like us to work from. If this is the case, we recommend submitting a Quote form with any existing artwork attached. If you have artwork that's nearly print ready, our online design tools should be able to help you get the job done.

PRODUCTION runs, on average, produce about 120 single color, single prints in just under an hour. This kind of production isn't limited to just t-shirts though. We can screen print on nearly anything that’s made from, or a mix of, polyester, cotton, acrylic and rayon.

SETUP Our setup fees cover the screen(s) and cleaning materials. This fee is reduced per screen as the color quantity goes up. We also offer a 1 year hold on screens at an additional fee per screen. We recommend requesting a screen hold if you're looking to print the same design(s) more than twice over the course of a year.




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