EMBROIDERY utilizes a couple of main components, the machine and the software. In order to translate art to embroidery, a high-resolution or vectorized image will need to be digitized. This is a process where specific colors of an image are turned into stitch information for the machine. We do most of our digitizing in house and offer several products to pair your embroidery with. Other than hats, we also embroider uniform shirts, bags, beanies, hoodies, coats and more. 

Our Process begins much like screen printing. We collect art and apparel details to deliver a mockup with a quote. Once art is approved for embroidery, we'll run a stitch sample for your approval before moving forward.

Production begins as soon we receive approval of the stitch sample. Actual stitching times vary per design, as we can only go as fast as our machines; this is roughly 1100 revolutions per minute by the way. This means that a single hat, depending on the design, takes about 5 minutes to stitch.

Setup for embroidery consists of producing a quality "print-ready" image for digitization, as well as digitization itself. Providing us with a high quality image mearly saves time in the art phase. Our custom digitizing services run $30 for a left chest or hat graphic, larger or more complex images go up in cost. 


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