Thank you for your interest in what we do! We understand there’s plenty of printers out there and we’re thrilled to make the new connections.

To better tend to a variety of clients and their needs, all of our services begin with custom design through our in-house graphic designer. We offer mockups or pre-visualizations of your order before it’s processed and created. Our services include screen printing, embroidery, vinyl, glass etching, graphic design and woodwork

For our screen printing, we use plastisol inks with a 6 color - 4 head station and a 4 color - 2 head station. We can run about 120 single color, single print shirts in just under an hour, but we don’t stop with shirts. We can screen print on just about anything including or a mix of, polyester, cotton, acrylic and rayon. Our setup fees cover the screen(s) and cleaning materials. This price lowers with the addition of screens. We also offer a 1 year hold on screens at an additional fee per screen starting at just $45. This holds them for an entire year.

We also offer custom embroidery. We do most of our digitizing in house and offer several products to have embroidered. Our digitizing service runs $35 an hour, and we ask about $1 per 1000 stitches. For a rough example, most simple cap designs range from 4-6000 stitches and take up to an hour to digitize. We also embroider t-shirts, bags, beanies, hoodies, coats, etc.

Another service we offer is vinyl. We have a vinyl plotter that we can work miracles with. We’ve made 1.5” x 1.5” decals to 8’x12’ vinyl banners and several sizes in-between. With the use of our vinyl plotter we also offer glass etching and sandblasting on a variety of surfaces. Thus far, we’ve made branded marks on metal flasks, shot glasses, mugs, fluted wine glasses, mirrors and several other products.

We’re not done there though. We also offer promotional printed products such as flyers, posters, business cards and mailers. This is achieved through a third-party print house right here in the U.S.. We’ve worked with them for just over 6 years now and have developed a great working relationship with them.

Let us know what you’re interested in having done and we’ll happily get an estimate to you with more details. 

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